Marína eating banana.


First time I let her hold the banana..She is getting big already.



Funny electric prank!

I almost pee’d my pants!! So funny…



Welcome to Montenegro

Wow! I want to go there..

On the Luce

There are plenty of destinations that hold long-term spots on my travel wish-list. Places where I’ve researched what I want to see and pored over photos and blog posts. Places that are just waiting for the right combination of time and money to make the dream trip a reality.

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This is crazy! I want one.

So, I was reading my followed blogs and came across this video. Now I want it! Spray it on my sofa, dining chairs and bed. Just watch…

NeverWet Spray

Oh and use it to my outdoor furnitures! Now there’s a thought.




This is my daughter, Marína. Born, March 2012. Very adorable. For a preemie I would say she is not so behind with kids her age. They say that she would be a year behind with what kids her age could do. She is small compared to other full term kids but as far as abilities is concern she is not too far behind.


And here is the song that she likes and this plays in my head all the time. I’m also hooked to this song that i sing it when I’ m alone or doing something (LOL…..)


Trying out a Garnier product


This is my first Garnier product that I’m going to try. It says here that it reduces imperfections and marks. So, I am hoping this will me with my sun spots problem.

I will tell my thoughts on this product when I have used this for two weeks.

Thanks for reading.

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Not feeling good but craving for this sour and salty bistek tagalog. Gotta make it myself,  since there is no carendaria around and no one to cook it for me. #nye2017 #mygirl
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